Volunteer Roles

Information desk

When working at the reception desk, you will be the face of the festival answering questions on all the festival events. This is a key position where you will help people get the most out of their festival experience. You must be able to work under pressure and have good communication and interpersonal skills.

Artist Host

This is a important position because you represent the festival towards the artist. You will be in close contact with the artist from arrival to Uppsala and throughout their stay with us. You will welcome and guide the artist inside the arena and to ensure that the artist has everything he / she needs. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, and Polish are the languages we are looking for these positions.

Driver / Host Airport

Driving experience is crucial to pick up and drop off artists. You will primarily be responsible for providing a friendly welcome to the artists at Arlanda Airport. If you feel at home in Uppsala and has a valid driving license, this is the job for you. We will provide you with a car. We also need the drivers before and after the festival. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, and Polish are the language we are looking for these positions.

The host at Guitar Fair

As host at the Guitar Fair, your main task is to help the guitar fair's coordinator on mainly October 8 and 9. You will help by preparing the tables before the arrival of the Guitar Fair exhibitors, helping exhibitors to transport their goods on arrival and departure, and in the evenings when they want to put their goods in secure rooms. The exhibitors might also need help with other things like getting information kits, tickets, extra tables and chairs.

Welcome host

The first task for the welcome hosts is to welcome all visitors to workshops and master classes. There you will check visitors' tickets at the door, answer questions and make sure everything is in order. You will also have the task of counting all the visitors and report the number of participants at concerts, workshops, master classes and seminars. You will also answer questions from the public and be a helping hand to people who participate in the festival.


As a seller, you will be responsible for the sale of artists' CDs, as well as the festival's marketing materials (such as posters, T-shirts, etc). For this position, you should feel comfortable with people and dealing with numbers.


These officers will assist with all logistical events, everything from making sure that the Festival Magazine is available on our various distribution points, to carry boxes, or ensure that Festival logo is in place on the stage before the concert begins.

Public relations

If you are social and have good communication skills then this is the place for you! As a PR person you will welcome people to the festival and distribute the Festival Magazine in town before and during the festival, as well as handing out programs at the entrance to the UKK before the concerts. You will answer questions about the facilities and promote social media contests.

Exhibition host and Guitar Fair host

Your main task will be to welcome people to possible exhibitions, counting the number of participants and take care of the exhibited material.

Floater / Back-up team

If you can not decide which position you like best and want to try a little of everything and are willing to jump in there all that is needed, then this is the best option for you! You just need to read through all the other descriptions of the roles to get a feel for what you can do as a floater.

As back-up you will be called at short notice in case there is much to do, or to cover someone's shift if we get some last minute cancellation. This position is important because you will save the situation!

Main hosts


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