• Double concerto: Marco Pereira & Stephanie Jones

  • Double concerto: Stephanie Jones & Marco Pereira

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Marco Pereira belongs to the top tier of Brazilian classical guitarists and composers.
He's not just anyone, Marco Pereira. Having won a number of prestigious prizes at international guitar competitions such as the Segovia Competition in Palma de Mallorca and the Francisco Tárrega Competition in Valencia, he has distinguished himself as one of the most prominent Brazilian guitar profiles. He has released a long series of acclaimed albums – Dança dos Quatro Ventos, Brasil Musical, Valsas Brasileiras, Camerístico, Cristal and most recently a CD with music by the Brazilian composer Dilermando Reis.

For a period, Pereira lived in Paris where he often visited various clubs and was influenced by jazz and Latin American music. He also studied at the Sorbonne, earning a Masters in Musicology with a study of Villa-Lobo's guitar music. Many of his compositions are published by the French publisher Éditions Lemoine in Paris. In addition to the many international solo performances, Marco Pereira is today also a professor of composition at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro. One of the most appreciated guitar teachers in Brazil.

In addition to his own performance and workshops, his work "Lendas Amazonicas" is premiered by Duo Siqueira Lima & Gävle Symphony Orchestra.

Australian Stephanie Jones is a passionate musician with an eye for both details and the strong expression of music. Only 24 years old, she already belongs to the world's elite among the new generation of classical guitarists and has become popular with both young and old with over 120,000 followers on YouTube. It was clear early on that her musical talent is something out of the ordinary. She first learned piano, then lessons in violin, viola, saxophone and flute. In the end, it was the guitar that became the great love.

After studying at home in Australia, where she also won several competitions, she moved to Europe and is now active in Germany. She holds a master's degree from the prestigious Franz Liszt University in Weimar. Germany, where she studied under Thomas Müller-Pering. Stephanie Jones has already released several albums. She has also done several acclaimed tours both in New Zealand, Europe and Australia.

You just have to agree with last year's jury, which unanimously named her the winner of the Young Talent Competition:
"Stephanie Jones is a musician and artist who relentlessly captures the audience's full attention. The jury was particularly impressed by her sense of rhythm, the many colors in her tonal formation, her conscious use of dynamics and articulation, and her relaxed stage presence."

Saturday Oct 15 at 4.30pm

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Workshop with Marco Pereira Ritmos Brasilieros & the art
to accompanying Brazilian music

Friday Oct 14 at 10 am

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Talk given by Stephanie Jones
To make a carrier
Friday Oct 14 at 1 pm

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Masterclass with Marco Pereira
Friday Oct 14 at 2 pm

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