Luiz Mura from Rio de Janeiro builds his musical world based on the mixed culture he has grown up in. By and large, he follows a song tradition in the MPB style, with the guitar and vocals in focus. Much nourishment comes from Brazil's guitar tradition and the latest album Origem, meaning origin. The album is precisely a tribute to João Gilberto and the low-key playing style of the father of the bossanova. Although Luiz Mura approaches the tonal language of the master João Gilberto, there is room for a rhythmic and revealing own expression in all its complex simplicity. Mura is now an international success with his new album. Funny for us in Sweden is that he collaborated with several Swedish musicians such as Gustav Lundgren, Sebastian Notini and Magnus Lindgren.

He also leads two workshops during the festival and they are open to everyone: Bossanova secrets & Joao Gilberto and one on songwriting and guitar.

Thursday Oct 13 at 8pm

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Bossanova secrets & Joao Gilberto
Friday Oct 14 at 1pm

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Song Writing
Saturday Oct 15 at 11 am

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