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Uppsala International Guitar Festival started 19 years ago and has become one of Europe's most important meeting place for the guitar world. A large number of recognized national and international exhibitors have the habit of attending. On Friday and Saturday, the public, guitar geeks and amateurs meet and greet guitar builders from all over Europe. The exhibitors will show off their creations, the latest in acoustic and electric guitars, guitar accessories, sheet music, music and more.

How to register as an exhibitor

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For questions about the Guitar Fair, please contact at info@uppsalagitarrfestival.se

Some of last year's exhibitors 

Heikki Rousu, Sweden 
Per Hallgren guitars, Sweden 
Renato Barone, Italy 
Thomas Fredholm, Sweden 
Leonardo Michelin Salomon, Norway 
Yngvar Thomassen, Norway 
Kitselis guitars, Sweden 
CJ Acoustic Music AB 
Fredholm Guitars 
Florentin guitars 
Lundgren Guitar pickups 
Hanno Kiehl Guitar 
Åstrand guitars 
TLL guitars 
Uppsala music workshop 

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Guitar Fair 2022
Friday October 14th
Saturday October 15th
From 11 am to 6 pm

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