• Program 2021 October 14-16

THURSDAY October 14
Workshops, Masterclass & Talks
10:15 am   Roberto Aussel  master class
1:00 pm     Roger Tallroth  workshop
3:30 pm     Pedro Martins  workshop

12:00 am   Lovro Peretic  EuroStrings winner 2020 - Hall D - Free entry
5:30 pm     Pedro Martins Band  Hall B
8:00 pm     España! Concierto de Aranjuez, El Amor Brujo & Turia  Big Hall
FRIDAY October 15
Workshops, Masterclass & Talks
10:15 am   Jacob Kellermann  master class
10:15 am   Matias Zloto  workshop 'Creative tools for music teachers
                    in a community perspective'
1:00 pm     Roberto Aussel  talk 'My Collaboration with Astor Piazzolla'
2:00 pm     Stefan Löfvenius  workshop 'Ensemble play with heterogeneous 
02:00 pm   Ola Strandberg  talk 'The journey towards a headless guitar 
                    revolution - the story of Strandberg Guitars' with Ola Strandberg 
3:30 pm     Gustav Lundgren & Olli Soikkeli  workshop 'Gypsy Guitar'
04:30 pm   Guitar teacher forum! How did it go? Two of digital teaching!
                    Exchange of experience under the leadership of Lars Martin

12:00 am   Cristina Galietto, winner Young Talent Competition 2020   
                    Hall D - Free entry
5:30 pm     In Django's footsteps - G. Lundgren, O. Soikkeli & M. Sjöstedt
8:00 pm     Tribute concert to Astor Piazzolla 100 years   Big Hall

Guitar Fair 11am-6pm
SATURDAY October 16
Workshops, Masterclass & Talks
10:15 am   Roberto Aussel, master class
11:00 am   Workshop 'Fingerstyle Guitar' with Emil Ernebro Hall K1
11am-3pm Create Music Together
Draw the guitar of your dreams and get the chance to win a real guitar! With Nito Vega. 

11:00 am  Matias Zloto Musik workshop for children
1:30 pm  Matias Zloto Musik workshop for children

12:00 am   Creating Music Together: Miniläger Skapa Musik tillsammans
                    lead by Thomas Hansy , Guitar Ensemble lead by Stefan Löfvenius
                    and Eurostrings artists
1:00 pm     Young Talents Competition 2021   Hall B
4:30 pm     Yiorgos Fakanas & Guthrie Govan Music Project   Big Hall
7:30 pm     Towards the light! Sofia Karlsson & Lovely Guitar Orchestra   
                    Big Hall 

Guitar Fair 11am-6pm
More activities will be added on the agenda. The program is subject to change. 

Good to know

The festival is held at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, centrally located in Uppsala and only 3 minutes from the Travel Centre. Read more about UKK.


It takes about 38 minutes to travel from central Stockholm to Uppsala. Even the Stockholm commuter train SL goes all the way to Uppsala and stops at Arlanda Airport, 18 minutes from Uppsala.

Regional buses run from all places in Uppsala and express bus from Västerås. See: UL
Bus from the rest of the country can be found here: SWEBUS

If you go by taxi, we recommend:
Taxi Uppsala: 018-100000
Taxi Direct: 018-711711

There are very good and affordable options for accommodation in Uppsala.
Here we have some examples.

There are many good restaurants in Uppsala! There is also a restaurant and cafe in the concert hall.


For all program activities,  you need a ticket. You solve tickets online or on site in UKK's ticket office.

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From Thursday October 14th and throughout the festival, you will find our own information counter in the UKK's foyer.
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