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Working as a volunteer at the Guitar Festival is both fun and rewarding. You meet lots of new people and get a chance to experience the festival in a different way. By working on our festival you will get many good memories, new friends and the opportunity to learn a range of new skills and have experience of a lifetime. The volunteer does not mean that the work is unimportant, quite the contrary. As a volunteer, you need to take your work as seriously as any other work whatsoever. Our work is based on collaboration, the ability to act professionally and to have a genuine desire to give something good to others.

For your effort during the Guitar Festival and to show our appreciation, you get:
- Free entry to day activities (workshops, master classes) and concerts,
- At least one meal per shift (8 hours),
- A stylish festival t-shirt, 
- Upon request a Certificate of employment, 
- Entry to our Festival Dinner for artists, special guests and visitors, and 
- A delightful experience with new contacts from all over the world. 

At the festival in October, one can work as a volunteer before, during or after the festival. Those who commit work 16 hours get free entry to two concerts, and those able to work 24 hours receive free admission to three concerts. 

Uppsala International Guitar Festival also organizes concerts throughout the year, and the unique needs of these events also require volunteers. Register your interest today so you will be contacted when your efforts  are needed.

You get to choose between different services according to your interests, abilities and experience. On the next tab, you can read about the various volunteer positions. 

For any questions concerning the work as a volunteer, please contact Rebecca Rikner   (rebecca@uppsalagitarrfestival.se) who is responsible for all the volunteers. 

You are welcome to keep in touch with the festival through social media!

Zu Beginn meines Eramusjahres in Uppsala habe ich dieses Festival gefunden, mich beworben und als Freiwilliger gearbeitet.

Für mich war es einfach perfekt. Ich habe neue unendlich nette und zuvorkommende Leute getroffen, unglaubliche Konzerte gesehen und Künstler die Hände geschüttelt, von denen ich es nie möglich gehalten hätte.

Darüberhinaus lernt man als Fahrer oder als Artist Host sogar die Künstler auf eine persönliche und alltägliche Ebene kennen, die mich immer wieder, überrascht und fasziniert hat.

Jedoch irgendwann hast du dann doch auf einmal die Chance Thomas Nordegg, den Tech von Steve Vai und vielen anderen, zum Flughafen zu fahren. Und während der Fahrt bemerken wir beide, dass wir deutsch sprechen und das Geschichten erzählen geht los.

Schreibt euch ein als Freiwilliger! Ihr werdet es sicher nicht bereuen!

Hans (Germany, 2013)
"It was a crazy week, so rewarding! People are all amazing, everything was just friendship, joy and discovery. Stressed also, but always positive.

Thank you one more time for giving us this wonderfull chance."

Paul (France, 2012)
"It is quite a different angle to experience the guitar festival and music that I highly recommend music lovers to be part of the team. I saw the passion and every touching moments in the eyes of artists and audiences from diverse roles. It was also the first time I felt so close to musicians. The greatest part was sharing the excitement and watching the fantastic shows together with friends of the team I would say."

Iris (Taiwan, 2012)
I moved quite recently before the festival to Uppsala. I did not know that many people at that moment. Thus volunteering for the Guitar festival seemed to be perfect. Especially since I play guitar and would have loved to see a concert of Steve Vai.

However, this experience was beyond my wildest dreams.

Where can you not just see a Steve Vai concert, but meet him and his band in person? Where will you have the chance to drive the Gypsy Kings or take care of all the needs of Michael Nyman? Just at this amazing festival. 

It will be hard work sometimes, but I promise you all the people around you are worth the effort hundred times.

Hans (Germany, 2013)

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