The Gothenburg Combo & Friends
Guests, Lina Nyberg (vocals), Susanna Risberg (guitar) & David Stackenäs (guitar).
New music written by Georg Riedel, Lina Nyberg, Jojje Wadenius, Ann-Sofi Söderquist, Nils Berg, Susanna Risberg, David Stackenäs and Nina de Heney.

Music from the magical world of books!
The acclaimed Swedish duo The Gothenburg Combo performs together with guitarists Susanna Risberg and David Stackenäs and singer Lina Nyberg music inspired by literature! The music has its world premiere at the guitar festival and is written by the Swedish jazz elite foremost: Georg Riedel, Lina Nyberg, Jojje Wadenius, Ann-Sofi Söderquist, Nils Berg, Susanna Risberg, David Stackenäs and Nina de Heney.

How does Robinson Kruse sound by Daniel Defoe in tones? How does Tolkien's The Tale of the Ring sound? And how do Yoko Ono's, Edith Södergran's and John Steinbeck's lyrics translated into the language of music sound?

In what way can music affect your experience of a book? And how can a book affect your experience of music? We want to arouse curiosity and joy of discovery before new experiences: I want to read more! I want to listen more. At this concert we get to experience completely new literature-inspired music written by the Swedish jazz elite: Georg Riedel, Lina Nyberg, Jojje Wadenius, Ann-Sofi Söderquist, Nils Berg, Susanna Risberg, David Stackenäs and Nina de Heney. Eight captivating free musical fantasies based on their favorite books.

The Gothenburg Combo
The Gothenburg Combo consists of David Hansson and Thomas Hansy and has with his outstanding musical interplay, his furiously skilled and original guitar playing, his varied and dizzying concerts and his unusually strong stage presence attracted much attention far beyond Sweden's borders. With most tours in South America, North America, Asia and Europe behind him, The Gothenburg Combo is today one of Sweden's most active ensembles internationally and nationally.

In recent years, the duo has toured in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. They have produced "The history of Swedish music" at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, USA, written an opera with the composer Malin Hulphers and toured with the father of minimalist music, American legend Terry Riley. Their three latest albums, Seascapes, Guitarscapes and Sketches of the World have been critically acclaimed both in Sweden internationally.

Lina Nyberg
Singer and composer Lina Nyberg has for 20 years profiled herself as one of the most prominent productive and enduring jazz musicians in the Nordic countries. She has performed in a large number of countries and worked with some of the leading musicians in the world. She debuted with the duo album Close together with Esbjörn Svensson in 1993 and has since released no less than 17 albums as a soloist, producer and arranger.

David Stackenäs
Guitarist, improviser and composer who since his debut in 2000 has developed a personal playing style and has thanks to his versatility had a long list of collaborations with the absolute top tier of the creative jazz / improvisation scene. Stackenäs has toured as a soloist and with many different groups in Europe, the USA, Japan and the Middle East.

Susanna Risberg
An acclaimed guitarist and composer. At the age of ten, Susanna Risberg got her very first guitar. Inspired by her idol Jomi Hendrix, she formed her first blues / rock trio. Always looking for new challenges, she has approached jazz but is at the same time broad and also plays blues, pop, rock and classical. She has studied at Berklee College in Boston, USA, for characters such as Mick Goddrick, David Fiuczynski, Hal Crook and Tim Miller. In 2011, she was awarded the prestigious "Jimi Hendrix Award". Susanna works as a full-time musician and has made recordings and performed with musicians such as Marit Bergman, Henric De La Cour, Miriam Bryant, Rolf Jardemark, Erik Weissglas, Samia, Nina Natri, Nadia Nair and more.

Music genre
Swedish, jazz, classical
Thursday Oct 8
UKK - Big hall
Concert at 8:30 pm
50 seats - first come, first served

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