• Tres Cuentos - Niño Josele, Sandra Carrasco & Robi Svärd

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Tres Cuentos: Niño Josele, Sandra Carrasco & Robi Sword

This is the story of three flamenco artists' very different routes over the flamenco waters - Niño Josele, Sandra Carrasco and Robi Svärd.

The latter's story is remarkable for several reasons because Svärd comes from a classic background, is Swedish and at the same time one of extremely few foreign flamenco guitarists who managed to convince the discerning and quality-conscious flamenco-Spain. And despite backpacks burdened by heritage and tradition, Josele and Carrasco have also managed to navigate in this implacable fairway, each in its very own distinctive way. Josele has chosen to take a real step towards the jazz, and Carrasco against bossa nova and world music in their search for inspiration.

Common to these three is that all are renewers. With constant anchoring in the tradition, inspiration is obtained from not always so obvious places, seen from the eyes of the flamenco world. which has resulted in their very unique way of presenting flamenco.

The show offers their visions and is accompanied by a star-studded ensemble with musicians from the Spanish artist elite, where one will partly experience flamencon in its most intimate format, but also its opposite, as no fewer than ten artists jointly participate on stage.

But Tres Cuentos is also about the power of the meeting. Those meetings that can sometimes seem completely random, but which later prove to have vital consequences. Something that has at least become clear when Svärd and the then touring Josele met for the first time in Sydney, Australia in 1996. Occasionally, Svärd decided to saddle from classical to flamenco. That 23 years later they would share a scene in Sweden could probably not believe then. Very least Robi.

Our lives are filled with this kind of meeting and if you take a little time in this yarn of life and find the famed red thread, then you also rediscover many interesting stories and observations that made us the ones we are today. Josele, Carrasco and Swords let the music testify to these meetings that have taken them to the artistic place they are in today.

More about the artists

Robert "Robi" Sword
In the past few years, Swords have made an incredible journey, from being a hidden hero in the flamenco world, to one who is in the call and praised by the very best artists in Spain for their music and their guitar playing. Like an ash story, everything started with the fact that he posted a video on Facebook with one of his compositions, which later came to be shared thousands of times. Soon, this video reached the singer Alfredo Tejada who offered his services to Svärd. This collaboration resulted in Svard's debut album "Pa´ki pa´ka" which was recorded in Granada in the legendary studio Fernando J Romero and which was released in 2016 on the Asphalt Tango label.

The album created a lot of international excitement and was raised to the skies by a single reviewer. Sword was also personally rewarded with, among other things, SKAP's World Music Prize 2017, a large number of nominations where Songlines UK rewarded him with TOP OF THE WORLD ALBUM 2016 and a nomination for this year's Artist of the same year.

The resurrection became so great that the BBC decided to send a film team to Sweden to make a report about Svärd's incredible journey.

When in 2018 it was time to record the sequel "Alquimia" it was not difficult for Svärd to find musicians who wanted to participate, which resulted in as many as 23 guests from the Spanish flamenco elite appearing on the album. This CD has also been awarded with exquisite reviews, and once again Svärd's album on Songlines UK's TOP OF THE WORLD list of the 15 best albums in 2018. Swords were personally awarded this year with STIM's prize - Composer of the Year.

Niño Josele
Josele is one of today's most respected flamenco guitarists. He was born into one of the great flamenco clans in Andalucia and got a guitar put in his hands at very early age. Josele has developed together with some of the greatest artists, such as the legends Paco de Lucia and Enrique Morente. He toured with Paco de Lucia for six years, something that has been very educational and which to some extent formed his approach to the music. Over the years, Josele has collaborated with virtually all the major flamenco artists in Spain such as Enrique Morente which he also recorded several albums with, Estrella Morente, Diego El Cigala, Guadiana, Concha Buika, Tomatito, Potito, Duquende, Jorge Pardo, Montse Cortéz for to name a few. Josele has been awarded several awards for his albums, including several Latin Grammy nominations.

In parallel with flamencon, Josele has been drawn to the jazz and made the albums "Paz" with Bill Evans music, "Miles Española" along with Chick Corea Jack Dehjonette and Chano Dominguez and "Española" along with Phil Woods, John Benitez, Javier Colina, Ralph Bowen with several. In recent years, Josele and Corea have made many tours and Josele feels at least as much at home on the jazz scene as on the flamenco scene. 2019 a new album is released by these two.

Sandra Carrasco

Carrasco is one of the great voices in flamencon today and is at the forefront of the new generation of singers. As a young man she fell in love with the genre when she listened to Enrique Morente, Mayte Martin and others, and quickly became one of the musicians and producer Javier Limón's patrons. For several years she worked in various projects together with several of the very largest artists, such as Estrella Morente, angelrcangel, Concha Buika, José Mercé, El Pele, Manolo Sanlucar to name a few.

One of Carrasco's strengths is her versatility, she really possesses the art of fitting in wherever she is. Something she also clearly shows on the album "travesía" where she retrieved inspiration from her surroundings and where one among others hear bassist Richard Bona. Her other two albums, Sandra Carrasco and Océano, have also been praised for their tastefulness and personal touch. Carrasco also participates in the critically acclaimed album "Mujeres de agua" by Javier Limón, where the producer's absolute favorite singers only participate. In recent years, she has been able to see Carrasco together with Anushka Shankar as she toured the world with for three years in "Traveler". She also had a leading role in the tours with Carlos Saura's "Flamenco Hoy", where even the movie with the same name was awarded a number of awards.

Growing up in Huelva has made Carrasco one of the leading singers in Fandangos de Huelva, something her many awards testify to.

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Saturday Oct 12
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