Phenomenal Stephanie Jones won last year's Young Talent Competition at the Uppsala International Guitar Festival. At this year's festival everyone gets another chance to experience her.

Australian Stephanie Jones is a passionate musician with a sense of detail detailing the strong expression of music. Already early it was clear that her musical talent is something out of the ordinary. She first learned piano, then both violin, viola, saxophone and flute. But then it was still the guitar that became the great love.

After studying at home in Australia, where she also won several competitions, she moved to Europe and is now working in Germany. She is still young but, in addition to her masters from the prestigious Franz Liszt University in Weimar, Germany, where she studied for Thomas Müller-Pering, has already been able to publish several albums. Stephanie Jones has also made several acclaimed tours both in New Zealand, Europe and Australia.

It is only to agree with last year's jury that unanimously named her the winner of the Young Talent Competition:

"Stephanie Jones is a musician and artist who inexorably captures the audience's full attention. The jury was particularly impressed by her sense of rhythm, the many colors in her tone, her conscious use of dynamics and articulation, and her casual scene presence."
Music genre   Classic
Friday Oct 11
Concert 12am
UKK – Hall D

Free lunch concert

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