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With its exquisite timing, refined technology and outstanding musicality, every concert with Siqueira Lima Duo is an experience.

Cecilia Siqueira from Uruguay and Fernando Lima from Brazil met at an international guitar competition in 2001 in Brazil. The jury could not agree on a winner - they shared first prize! The following year they formed the Siqueira Lima Duo and have since then made a phenomenal international career with concerts at the most visited festivals and concert scenes across the world. To name a few, they have given concerts at the Lincoln Center in New York, the New World Center in Miami, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and participated in festivals such as the Koblenz Guitar Festival, the Festival Guitarras Latinas in Paraguay and the Copenhagen Guitar Festival. They have also made several notable TV appearances.

Behind them are the four acclaimed albums that range from classic masterpieces to Brazilian popular music and specially written music for just Siqueira Lima Duo. They also have a completely unique stage radiance and their live performances are something very special. They won the prestigious "Profissionais da Música Award 2015" and the "International Brazilian Press Awards 2014", which is distributed in the US After a concert, the New York Times wrote that their game was "detailed as a Fabergé egg".

Don't miss Cecilia Siqueira and Fernando Lima, two of the world's top duo guitarists!

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Music genre   South american
Saturday Oct 12
UKK – Hall B
Concert 4pm

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