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At the guitar festival, Dos Más Uno is guests at the Yamanu Costa concert on Thursday October 10. They also take part in the closing concert, Tangomässan Abrazo, with Ensemble Yamandu with Allmänna Sången and Kristin Amparo on Sunday October 13.

With full force, Dos Más Uno has captured the Argentine music scene. Today, the group is one of the country's most acclaimed in Latin American popular music.

Dos Más Uno - two plus one - consists of the virtuoso guitarists and singers Marcelo Dellamea and Hugo Dellamea, and Ariel Sanchez, one of Argentina's most prominent percussionists and drummers. Together, they possess an incomparable versatility and they consistently strive for maximum expression in each instrument, in each song, at each concert. And they move freely between old and modern classics and their own songs.

They have made several well-known tours in Europe where they also appeared alongside artists such as Chango Spasiuk, Luis Salinas, Daniel Maza, Jaques Morelenbaum, Eva Ayllón, Julia Zenko and many more. In addition to the over thirty concerts they have given in, for example, Austria, Italy, Spain and France, they have also participated in Latin American Week in Frankfurt in Germany and at the anniversary celebration of the legendary Violeta Parra that was to be 100 years old in 2017. The event took place in the large hall of the Austrian Radio.

They have also released two albums, the first self-titled Dos Más Uno, came in 2012 and the sequel Reflejos is from last year. They are also permanent guests in one of Argentina's most popular TV shows, La Peña de Morfi, where under the title "The World's Most Beautiful Songs" choose classic favorite songs.

Don't miss the as charming as the skilled Dos Más Uno.

Music genre   Argentine &
Latin American popular music
Thursday Oct 10
UKK – Halll B
Concert 7pm 

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Sunday Oct 13
Uppsala University Hall
Concert 6pm 

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