• Bill Frisell feat. Petra Haden, Hank Roberts & Luke Bergman

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Harmony - Bill Frisell, guitar, Petra Haden, voice, Hank Roberts, cello, voice, Luke Bergman, Baritone Guitar, voice.

- Having the opportunity of a new project in front of guitar players and lovers, with a great pleasure and also a special challenge, Even more I'm very pleased to bring my new group HARMONY to Europe and play it for the first Time at such a unique guitar festival as Uppsala International Guitar Festival, Bill Frisell.

Bill Frisell is a guitar genius. If there is no doubt. With country, jazz, roots and rock he creates a rarely soft and personal americana sound. He has previously been acclaimed for his suggestive music for images of the acclaimed American photographer Mike Disfarmer, and the soundtrack to Bill Morrison's epic The Great Flood. The movie about when the Mississippi River swam over all the bays and basically actually changed the American music.

Now he's back with his new project - Harmony. To convey the feeling of what Harmony is about, Bill Frisell has enclosed extracts from a dictionary that gives the word two different meanings:

har · mo · ny

1) the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. "Four-part harmony in the barbershop style" synonyms: euphony, polyphony.

2) agreement or concord "man and machine in perfect harmony" synonyms: accord, agreement, peace, peacefulness, amity, amicability, friendship, fellowship, cooperation, understanding, consensus, unity, sympathy, report, like-mindedness.

With him on stage, Bill Frisell has wonderful Petra Haden, daughter of legendary bassist and composer Charlie Haden. She was born into a life with the music and has previously collaborated with Bill Frisell on the acclaimed album Petra Haden and Bill Frisell with music by both George Gershwin and Tom Waits.

With is also an outstanding cellist Hank Roberts who transforms the classic instrument into its own rhythmic, expressive and harmoniously diverse sound world. Also has previously collaborated with Bill Frisell and with artists such as John Zorn, Tim Berne, Mark Dresser, Marilyn Crispell and many more.

The multi-instrumentist, singer and composer Luke Bergman has received attention both for his collaborations with Bill Frisell and for his participation in groups such as Heatwarmer, Speak, Thousands and The Cuong Vu Group. He is an innovative visionary who weighs between jazz, people, pop and ambient.
Musik genre
Jazz, roots, country
Friday Oct 11
UKK - Big Hall
Masterclass 4:30pm
Concert 9 pm

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