Terry Riley — a musical collaboration featuring Gothenburg Combo and Gyan Riley

There are few people who can claim that they changed the history of music. Terry Riley is one of them. He is there in the same gang as Stravinsky and Miles Davis and a few others. What makes him so remarkable is that he is the author of the musical minimalism. Now he comes to Uppsala International Guitar Festival.

— I very much look forward to the October Festival in Uppsala, where I will stand by Gyan Riley and The Gothenburg Combo. We present parts of The Book of Abbeyozzud, my collection of compositions for guitar. In addition, together we make music by myself that involves improvisation. It will be very exciting! says Terry Riley.

— It's a dream come true to be working with one of our greatest sources of inspiration, says David Hansson and Thomas Hansy in The Gothenburg Combo.

Riley's piece "In C" was the starting point of minimalism and last year it was fifty years ago, he wrote the groundbreaking work. This year, Riley himself eighty and celebrating, among other things, to come to the Guitar Festival in Uppsala in October. With him were his son Gyan Riley, one of the world's most prominent guitarists focusing on new music, which will play a new piece by Terry Riley.

On the program are also the famous "In C" which consists of fifty different melody fragments that are repeated and stored at each other for a suggestive but ever-changing body of sound. Fifty Swedish guitarists and other instrumentalists involved in a unique performance led by the acclaimed guitar duo The Gothenburg Combo.

At the festival Gyan and Terry Riley will appear both solo and as a duo and with The Gothenburg Combo perform music from their critically acclaimed album "Guitarscapes" as well as additional new and old music signed Terry Riley.

The concert is a unique opportunity to hear the minimalist model live. Terry Riley is an icon and inspiration to many. In America, there are names like Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams. In Europe Michael Nyman, Gavin Bryars, Arvo Pärt and many many more. Minimalism has also had enormous significance for pop / rock scene. Terry Riley himself has collaborated with musicians such as John Cale, a founding member of the legendary rock group Velvet Underground. He also has a long association with the Kronos Quartet, which resulted in thirteen string quartets.

The Gothenburg Combo

"Im Zusammenspiel wie siamesische Zwillinge betreten sie gitarristisch Neuland, mit minimal music und gleichsam elektronischen Sounds auf akustischen Gitarren."
— Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Gothemburg Combo is one of Sweden's most successful ensembles in classical and contemporary music and tours regularly in Europe, the US, China and Latin America. The duo, consisting of guitarists David Hansson and Thomas Hansy, has with their unique musical interaction and their own compositions attracted great attention around the world. They have been praised for its innovation and its unconventional concerts and not least for its unusually strong stage presence. Their latest album, Terry Riley homage Guitarscapes, like its predecessors Soundscapes (2007) and Sketches of the World (2010), lauded by critics and has been on several newspapers seasonal best lists.

Gothenburg Combo

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Sunday October 11 at 7 pm

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

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Workshop Gyan Riley
Friday October 9 — 11 am

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Workshop Gothenburg Combo
Friday October 9 — 1 pm

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Open Forum — Terry Riley
Saturday October 11 at 1:30 pm

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Sunday October 11

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Concert program

Simply M
Terry Riley

Mongolian Winds
Terry and Gyan Riley

Gyan Riley

Folk Song
Terry and Gyan Riley

Song from the Old Country
Terry and Gyan Riley

— Intermission —

The Gothenburg Combo

Highway One-Music in 3 parts
The Gothenburg Combo

Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector
Terry Riley, Gyan Riley and The Gothenburg Comb

In C
Terry Riley, Gyan Riley, The Gothenburg Combo, Elena Casoli, Jakob Henriques

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