The vision

Our idea has been since its inception to create a meeting place for guitar world and create a focus on the guitar as an instrument, of its performers and the music itself. Guitarists, artists and audiences in symbiosis. A meeting where the experience and knowledge is at the center and where exchanges between people leads to an enrichment of life itself and one's own professional development as teachers or young guitar student. An open forum where we offer a wide range of genres so that the meeting between its practitioners and the exchange becomes obvious and enriching.

Uppsala International Guitar Festival is Scandinavia's leading and established in 2003 at the cultural center Ekocaféet café in Uppsala, Sweden with about 200 visitors in the first year. Today the audience flows in thousands from Sweden, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. We are very excited to have created this scene for the guitar and hope that it gets its deserved place after 10 years on the Swedish music map!

The constant feedback we get from the audience, participants and sponsors is probably crucial for the great commitment that we spend every year. But ultimately it is the love of the guitar and the added value of the instrument that brings so many millions of people to a better world with joy and meaningfulness!

Klaus & Stefan Pontvik Löfvenius

Main hosts


Sponsors, guitar friends and partners






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