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Tickets & Festival Passes

You need a ticket for each event during the festival besides the ones marked "Free entrance". If you do not have a festival pass or day pass, you can buy tickets online or at the Guitar Festival's information desk at the UKK entrance starting Wednesday, October 10th.

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More activities will be added on the agenda. The program is subject to change. 
WEDNESDAY October 10
THURSDAY October 11
10:15 am   50 years of Blues & Rock Clas Yngström
10:15 am   Workshop Teaching of beginners in group S. Persson & L. Martin
1 pm   Seminar A shortcut experiment and independent fingers Paul Helltén
3 pm   Seminar Teaching on line Sebastian Caldas

4 pm   Concert José Marcario Trio Jazz
5 pm   Clinic Al Di Meola
6 pm   Concert Claes Ottelid & Tina Quartey
8 pm   Concert Al Di Meola
FRIDAY October 12
10:15 am   Seminar Guitar secrets Claes Ottelid
10:15 am   Ensemble play Carlos Moscardini
12:00 am   Lunch concert Carlotta Dalia & Lucas Brar
1 pm   Workshop Guitar with class Ralf Sandberg & Torhild Winnberg
2 pm   Master class Otto Tolonen
3 pm   Forum for teachers
4 pm   Workshop Attend Tech Rehearsal, Kaki King
5 pm   Book release "Grepp om Livet" M. Lindström, m fl. kvinnliga gitarrister
6 pm   Concert Kaki King
8 pm   Concert Egberto Gismonti
SATURDAY October 13
10:15 am  Open Forum Egberto Gismonti
10:15 am  Ensemble play Carlos Moscardini
1 pm  Workshop bandoneon Kristina Kuusito, in Finnish: Duo Dryades
1 pm  Suzuki guitar Harald Söderberg
11-15 pm  Workshop for children with Matias Zloto & Petri Kumela
2 pm Workshop decacorde Mari Mäntylä Duo Dryades

12 am Lunch concert Petri Kumela "Small Creatures", Toby Lee
12:30 pm Competition International Young Talent Competition
4:30 pm   Concert Carlos Moscardini + ensemble
7:30 pm  Gala concert Göran Söllscher, Carlos Piñana, Mercedes Lujan, Murcia string orchestra, with others ...
SUNDAY October 14
11 am  Flamenco workshop Carlos Piñana & Mercedes Lujan
11 am   Master class Pavel Steidl

12:30 pm  Concert Theme Finland
Otto Tolonen, Duo Dryades, Petri Kumela & Tuuli Lindeberg

4 pm  Concert Pavel Steidl
5 pm  Conversation about creating with José González & Paul Helltén
7 pm  Concert José Gonzaléz Solo
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Here you can buy festivalpasses.

The festival is held at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, centrally located in Uppsala and only 3 minutes from the Travel Centre. Read more about UKK.


It takes about 38 minutes to travel from central Stockholm to Uppsala. Even the Stockholm commuter train SL goes all the way to Uppsala and stops at Arlanda Airport, 18 minutes from Uppsala.

Regional buses run from all places in Uppsala and express bus from Västerås. See: UL
Bus from the rest of the country can be found here: SWEBUS

If you go by taxi, we recommend:
Taxi Uppsala: 018-100000
Taxi Direct: 018-711711

There are very good and affordable options for accommodation in Uppsala.
Here we have some examples.

There are many good restaurants in Uppsala! There is also a restaurant and cafe in the concert hall.

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