• José González Solo — Sunday Oct 14

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When José González made his own interpretation of The Knife's Heartbeats fifteen years ago, it became a catapult start on his career. After that success, his star status has only become stronger every year. Now he comes to Uppsala International Guitar Festival for an exclusive solo concert.

- Feels super cool to be invited to Uppsala International Guitar Festival! The Spanish guitar has always been central to my music, says José González. It will be especially fun with the open conversation about creativity with my guitar teacher Paul Helltén.
I will perform by myself with my guitar, unlike the other constellations I have had in recent years. Most of the songs are recorded in that way and it is the sound image that people mostly associate with me.

Since the release of his third solo album Vestiges & Claws 2015, José González has participated in the soundtrack for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and contributed a brilliant version of this Red Bull + Arthur Russell charity collection disc. His solo version of Junip Track Far Away won Best Song in A Game at the Spike Video Awards.

He has also toured and sold venues in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, including two shows in Sydney's legendary opera house, two shows at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, The Beacon Theater in New York and the Circus in Stockholm. There were standing ovations from both the audience and the press. The Independent, El Pais, Dagens Nyheter and Hamburger Abendblatt, all fitting into the tribute choir.

José González has performed his many amazing songs in a variety of constellations over the years. But regardless of whether he has performed solo, with band or with the Junip group, his brittle emotional voice has always had an ability to reach the hearts of the people.

Do not miss one of Sweden's most beloved artists - solo!

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Indie folk singer-songwriter
Open conversation 
5-6 pm

Sunday October 14 at 7pm

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Open conversation
At 5pm an open conversation will be held about creation between José González and his high school teacher Paul Helltén. It will be in the same hall as the concert. The same ticket applies.

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