• Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wednesday Oct 10

    Buy ticket     Inauguration concert 7:30 pm
  • Jack Broadbent – Wednesday Oct 10

    Buy ticket     Inauguration concert 7:30 pm
  • Clas Yngström – Wednesday Oct 10

    Buy ticket     Inauguration concert 7:30 pm
This year's Uppsala International Guitar Festival celebrates the 15th anniversary and begins with a lightning blues rock fireworks! Some of the most respected artists in the whole big and vibrant blues rock will be on stage.

At the center stands the amazing Joanne Shaw Taylor. An incomparable guitarist who makes the walls vibrate by musical lust. In addition, she has an irresistible voice expressing the innermost essence of the rock and blues. The closest one can come is Janis Joplin! Since the debut album White Sugar 2009, Joanne Shaw Taylor has followed up with a series of great-selling albums. She was also a singer of the Annie Lennox band at the famous Diamond Jubilee concert in London 2012. Her fifth studio album, which came in September 2016, was recorded in Grand Victor Studios in Nashville. The Icon Joe Bonamassa has raised Joanne Shaw Taylor to the clouds and invited her to participate in her British Blues Explosion concerts. For many, she is simply "UK's number 1 star of the blues rock world".

Guest artists

Clas Yngström
The festival has re-invited some prominent artists from the fifteen years passed. One of them is Clas Yngström's closest cult. Inspired by the pun movement, he formed the band Sky High in the late 1970s, "a rocky rock band with the feet of muddy blues", as he himself expresses. Sky High made five plates in the 1980s, including Freezin Hot, which was launched massively with a concert video on MTV. Then came the best-selling album Humanizer 1987. Since then, they have released another series of albums and have recorded entries around the world around the year. Joanne Shaw Taylor and Clas Yngström have a common large model and source of inspiration: Jimi Hendrix.

Jack Broadbent

On stage, they have Jack Broadbent, shouted as "The New Master of the Slide Guitar" at the Montreux jazz festival. Live, he is an experience far beyond the usual, not just for his absolutely incredible slide guitar game: he has a voice that grabs and takes the audience straight into the crowd's heart. The major influences have been Peter Green, Robert Johnson, Davey Graham, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, just to take some. And, of course, there is Jimi Hendrix. Jack Broadbent's personal interpretation of legendary The Wind Cries Mary is a hit with hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

So do not miss the 15th anniversary of the Uppsala International Guitar Festival's big blues rock party!

Musik genre   Blues, rock
Inauguration concert
Wednesday Oct 10 at 7:30 pm

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