• Egberto Gismonti — Friday Oct 12th 8pm

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EGBERTO GISMONTI SOLO (piano & guitars)

There are not adjectives enough to describe such a musician: we would not know which to choose, which superlatives to give, which hyperboles to resort to. Egberto Gismonti is simply superlative, like no one else: a brilliant inventor of a world of music that edges on his supernatural ability to play any idea associated with any instrument, with the unfathomable enormity of a musical fantasy able to process styles and organic infinities (from the guitar to the piano and the full orchestra, from Brazilian folklore to slave dances, from jazz to contemporary classical music - he studied in Paris with Nadia Boulanger and Jean Barraqué! - to rock, without losing a single ounce of his wild personality along rough and complex roads), with an acrobatic and mysterious instrumental ability, which makes him a virtuoso not of one but of several instruments. Gismonti, in fact, is not only one of the best guitarists in the world (his technique enables him to dominate the ten-string guitar with amazing results after experimenting with an eight-string), but he is also a pianist of incredible, unique effectiveness. Gismonti’s visionary talent by no means stops here, but extends to the flute, to the (Japanese wind instrument) sho, to the kalimba, and small instruments of various types as well as percussion. Holding together this centrifugal and overwhelming profile is a skill in composition that has few equals. Gismonti is one of those very rare exemplars of the manipulation of ideas, harmonic patterns, depth of melody, soloist inventions able to surprise from the first note to the last. Between each breath of his music you see entire universes. Altogether hyperbolical.

Music genre
Brasilian, jazz, world music
Friday Oct 12th 8pm

Ticket release April 20th at 12 am

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