• Claes Ottelid & Tina Quartey — Thursday Oct 11

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  • Claes Ottelid & Tina Quartey — Thursday Oct 11

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Claes Ottelid is the Malmö guitarist who created his own style of play in Swedish folk music. With inspiration from, among other things, flamenco, he, like no other, has given the violinists a new life in the guitar's vocal world. He mixes old poles and gangs with newly written material and at Uppsala Guitar Festival we can hear him in fierce interaction with the magnificent percussionist Tina Quartey. On CD: na "Guitar Polska" (2006) and "Alonso's Tune" (2012) you can experience his game, as he also described in detail in the compendium "Swedish songs on Spanish guitar".

Ottelid studied for Professor Per-Olof Johnson at the Music School of Malmö, where he soon became a teacher as a teacher and now a lecturer.

With the classic guitar game as a starting point, genre width has nevertheless been a distinctive feature of his business. In addition to classical music and folk music, he has become famous as tango musician and also played jazz and flamenco.

In the year 2017 came the book "Guitar Secrets. 18 Essays on Guitar Games" where Ottelid deals in a resonant and analytical way with a series of areas that otherwise rarely or never receive the enlightenment they deserve. A unique book dedicated to its own seminar at this year's festival.

Tina Quartey is one of Sweden's percussion pioneers in folk and world music. During her musical travels in young years she met percussion music in Brazil and Cuba. The instruments she immersed in is mainly the Brazilian music arc Berimbau, Congas, the gourd instrument shekeré and Afro-Cuban Batman mother. In addition, she would like to use the ceramic instrument udu. In the encounter with Scandinavian folk music, she has shaped her own musical language where rhythmic structures from different drum traditions are translated to interact with the Scandinavian dance rhythms. In addition to all the constellations she has been playing over the years, she would like to use her melodious, expressive percussion play for theater music or solo performance.

We have listened to her in the Filar people, Groupa, in a duo with the player and composer Mats Edén, as well as in Ale Möller and Lena Willemark's project Nordan - a new album with these musicians will be recorded in February 2019 and, like the predecessors, the German record company ECM.

She is also up to date with Lena Willemark's toned poetry Blåferdi, who continues to tour since critically acclaimed and grammominated CDs were released in 2016.

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Folk, classic, tango, flamenco, ...
Thursday Oct 11, 6 pm

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