• Carlotta Dalia — Friday Oct 12

    Free entrance     Lunch concert 12 am
  • Lucas Brar — Friday Oct 12

    Free entrance     Lunch concert 12 am
Carlotta Dalia

That the Italian Carlotta Dalia had an exceptional talent was already clear when she began studying classical guitar at the age of eight. She had her first solo concert as a twelve-year-old and has since been involved in a wide range of guitar and music festivals, both in Italy and internationally. Currently she is studying at the Rinaldo Franci Institute in Siena and for Carlo Marchione in Rome. She also takes lessons for Frédéric Zigante and has previously studied for Aniello Desiderio.

Carlotta has also participated in the master classes of Leo Brower, Aniello Desiderio, Marcin Dylla, Gianpaolo Bandini, Adriano Del Sal and Arturo Tallini. Since 2016, she is D'Addario artist and has won nearly thirty both Italian and international music competitions. Last year she won the first prize in both the Guitar Competition "G. Rospigliosi "as the Guitar Competition" Riviera Etrusca ", both in Italy. In addition, she took home the coveted first prize and the award at the Young Talent Competition 2017 Uppsala International Guitar Festival: "Carlotta Dalia showed an extremely high level of technical achievement and musical understanding. Her tone was clear and resonant, and she projected her musical ideas clearly to the audience. We see a bright future for her on the concert stage".

Lucas Brar

The Swedish guitarist Lucas Brar is primarily characterized by his distinctive expression, where he breaks out the boundaries between jazz, classical and pop music. With a virtuoso classical technique, he combines rhythms and harmonics from the jazz world in his arrangements and own compositions. He gives appreciated concerts around Sweden and Europe, and his videos on social media have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

For a couple of years, Lucas has focused full time on realizing his musical vision; To combine the classical technique with freedom in the jazz and improvisation in its own way. The fruits of this will be heard on a long-awaited album, scheduled to be released in autumn 2018.

He began his career in the classical world, where he studied for Mats Bergström at the Music School of Stockholm. In 2009, he received the prestigious Rosenborg-Gehrman music scholarship after playing in front of the Royal Danish Academy of Music with the motivation "Poetic and technically refined game at the highest level".

After graduating from the Music School of Music in Stockholm, he also traveled abroad with studies for Marco Socias in San Sebastián, Spain and Franz Halasz in Germany, where he graduated from the Masters Degree 2013 at the Hochschule für Theater und Musik in Munich. Lucas participates in the BIS recording of "Repentence" with music by Russian composer Sofia Gubaidolina, along with the musicians Jacob Kellermann, Franz Halasz, Wen-Sinn Yang, Philipp Stubenrauch, Hariolf Schlichtig and Deborah Halasz.

Lucas also works as songwriter. His song "Eternity's Sunrise" lasted several weeks at the radio peak in the "P3: Osignat" program, and his songs written to both Swedish and foreign artists have achieved millions of gigs online.

Music genre
Classic, jazz och pop music
Friday Oct 12, 12 am

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