• Carlos Moscardini – Saturday Oct 13

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Guitarist and composer Carlos Moscardini is one of Argentina's most outstanding music profiles who, with his outstanding guitar play, has brought Argentinean tango and folk music to completely new levels. In the tracks of the singer, guitarist and author Atahualpa Yupanqui and composer and guitarist Eduardo Falú, he has both deepened the knowledge of Argentine folk music and developed it with new expressions and contemporary dimensions.

"The irresistible rhythms, the power, the accents, the harmonious riches, the well-founded phrases, the pauses filled with emotions, the tastefulness, all contribute to the joy of pure joy," as the Buenos Aires newspaper La Nacion expressed it in a review.

His compositions are not only played by himself but by internationally renowned guitarists. Moscardini is also a very distinguished teacher and has been teaching for twenty years at the two conservatories in Buenos Aires, named after famous predecessors: Gilardo Gilardi and Manuel de Falla, who were born in Andalucia but died in Argentina.

Moscardini has given concerts and held master classes in almost all of the world. With his long-awaited visit to Uppsala International Guitar Festival, he will of course also provide a workshop in ensemble play where both outstanding students and active teachers participate. Together they will participate in Saturday's afternoon concert.

For his efforts for Argentine culture and music, Carlos Moscardini has received a host of awards and awards, among other things, he received the 2015 "Premio Nacional de Música", Argentina's finest and most prestigious honors rating.

Music genre
Argentinean tango & folk music
Saturday Oct 13 , 4 pm

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