Experience Sinfonity. A dizzying listening adventure far beyond the usual! An entire orchestra with electric guitar virtuosos who lifts classic masterpieces into brand new dimensions. From Bach to Holst, from Vivaldi to the Falla. In addition, a light show that strikes most.

A concert with Sinfonity is also a meeting between pop music world and classical. As often, you realize that there is more that unites the different expressions, yet differentiates. Sinfonity is also a success story. The orchestra's first live concert took place in the Spanish city of Mérida's Roman Amphitheater in connection with the opening of the 2011 Theater Festival. A few years later, the orchestra performed a series of concerts in Madrid and then proceeded to an attentive tour to Málaga, Barcelona, Murcia, Bilbao and Cuba. The ensemble also celebrated concerts at the international festival in Segovia, Cordoba's guitar festival and recently in Finland.

Do not miss the guitar world's most magnificent orchestra. Sinfonity's concert at Uppsala International Guitar Festival combines rock, heavy metal, electric guitars and classical music in a large-scale show where light, sound, scenography and the acting scene together create a truly unique performance.

Music genre  
Classical master pieces
Inauguration concert
Wednesday October 11 at 7:30 pm
Prices from 295 SEK
(Booking fee adds on)

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