Starring: Alfredo Tejada song, Miguel "El Cheyenne" percussion, Joan Masana Bas, Ann "La Pantera" Sehlstedt dance. Guest artist: Afra Rubino

The guitarist Robert "Robi" Sword, with his debut album Pa'ki Pa'ka, has received many of Flamenco's premier musicians to chase after the breath. Multi-award winning and diligently hired by the best.

Guitarist Robert "Robi" Svärd has received many of Flamenco's premier musicians pulling the breath of excitement. For like nobody else, the guitar gets to dance and vibrate by the power of flamenco. It is extremely rare that a non-Spanish flamenco artist succeeds in leaving as big an international impression as Robert "Robi" Svärd has done.

In recent years, he has made a phenomenal journey from being a hiding place in the flamenco world to one of the world's absolute foremost. All the big ones want to share with Robert. On his debut album Pa'ki Pa'ka released last spring, two of Flamencons are now also the biggest name, the singer Alfredo Tejada and the percussionist Miguel El Cheyenne.

Robert "Robi" Svärd already made a guest show last year at Uppsala International Guitar Festival when legendary Paco de Lucia's guitar builder wanted him to play on the newly-built master's specially-built guitar.

Best artist 2017 Songlines magazine
Without exaggeration, Robert Svärd is a very exceptional musician who has taken a position among the flamenco's front figures. British BBC traveled to Sweden once to make a documentary about him. He has been nominated for Best Artist 2017 by the Songlines magazine. Here at home in Sweden, he was double nominated for the Folk & World Music Gala as the Year's Artist and the Year's Edition for Pa'ki Pa'ka.

Robert Svärd started playing the guitar as a four year old and has studied both in Australia and Spain. His music is based on solid flamenco tradition but is still his own. Both his music and amazing technique make him unique to today's flamencoscope.

Outstanding lineup
Attending the Uppsala International Guitar Festival, he also has a dancer and a group of internationally renowned Spanish musicians.

Alfredo Tejada one of the most popular and sought after singers in the flamenco world, often seen with other greatnesses like Eva Yerbabuena, Antonio Canales, La Lupi and Manuel Liñan. In 2015, Alfredo's album "Directo" was released, which was voted one of the most important flamenco singing albums that year, and later wrote him in Flamenco's history books as one of the big voices. Alfredo is famous for writing his own lyrics, his ability to adapt to all the shades of flamenco, and his very emotional, dynamic and powerful voice. As the crown of the work he combines this year with the desirable "Lámpara minera" in the prestigious International Internacional Cante de las Minas de La Unión, the finest flamenco choir winner.

The percussionist Miguel "El Cheyenne" comes from one of the big Roman families in Granada, and in this family some of the greatest artists come through history. Miguel manages this tradition well as he is considered one of the most highly regarded flamenco actors in the world at the moment.

Joan Masana is one of Spain's most outstanding bassists. He plays everyday in a variety of environments and genres, but perhaps he is most recognized as one of the few who manages both jazz and flamenco and performs regularly with many major flamenco artists.

The dancer Ann Sehlstedt - "La Pantera", started dancing flamenco as a 13-year-old and fasted fast for this expression. She is musically and dynamically known for her strong expression and powerful dance. She won prizes in Spain including the prestigious Competition de Madrid, and was personally invited to dance with the company Nuevo Ballet Español.

Special guest

In addition, guest performer participates in the phenomenal flamenco guitarist Afra Rubino with his inviting mix of traditional flamenco, Latin American guitar and all-in-one elements. She is educated in Spain where she has been active for many years, but now works in the Götebrog home theater.

Flamenco workshop

Robert & Afra also provides a joint workshop at the festival that is open to all.

Music genre   Flamenco
Sunday October 15 at 7 pm
Price from 255 SEK
(Booking fee adds on)

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Flamenco workshop
Robert & Afra will give a joint workshop at the festival which is open to all.

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