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You need a ticket for each event during the festival besides the ones marked "Free entrance". If you do not have a festival pass or day pass, you can buy tickets online or at the Guitar Festival's information desk at the UKK entrance starting Wednesday, October 11th.

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More activities will be added on the agenda. The program is subject to change. 
WEDNESDAY October 11
14:00   The guitar festival's information desk opens

19:30  Inauguration concert  
Sinfonity  Big Hall  Buy concert ticket
THURSDAY October 12
10:00  The Carl Kress jazz guitar duets  Lasse Bohlin & Magnus Karlsson Hall C

10:30  Master class  Dimitri Illarionov  Hall K4

11:00  Biomechanics  William Kanengiser  Hall B

13:00  Ensemble education for beginners in the cultural school  Lars Karlsson & Suzanne Persson  Hall C

14:00  Ensemble coaching  John Dearman  Hall B

15:00  Pedagogy - Guitar Master - Easy to learn correctly  Mårten Falk  Hall C

17:00  Guitar workshop   Frank Gambale  Big Hall  Buy workshop ticket

18:00  Concert   Dimitri Illarianov  Hall B   Buy concert ticket

21:00  Concert   Frank Gambale  Big Hall  Buy concert ticket
FRIDAY October 13
10:00  Warm-up & technique with Marco Pereira  Hall B

10:30  Workshop Brazilian Guitar  Marco Pereira  Buy workshop ticket

12:00  Lunch concert  several artists  Hall D — FREE ENTRANCE

14:00  Jazz Elements for Classical Guitarists  Matt Greif  Hall B

15:00  Workshop Pumping Nylon  Scott Tennant  Hall B

16:00  Workshop Tango  Leonardo Anderssen & Matias Zloto Hall C

17:00  Talk & slide show  Pattie Boyd  Hall B  Buy ticket

18:00   Concert   Igor Presnyakov   Buy concert ticket

21:00   Concert   Marco Pereira & Miriam Aida   Buy concert ticket
SATURDAY October 14
10:00  Warm-up & technique with Mats Andersson  Hall C

10:30  Workshop Brazilian Guitar  Mats Andersson  Hall C

11:00  Workshop for youth & children  Mattias Zloto  Hall D — FREE ENTRANCE

11:00  Guitar Fair opens FREE ENTRANCE

12:30  Lunch concert
 Frano + local talents — FREE ENTRANCE

12:30  Guitar Geek Show  4SOUND  Hall K4 — FREE ENTRANCE

12:30  Concert  Young Talents Competition  Hall B   Buy concert ticket

14:00  Master class  Scott Tennant  Hall K4

14:00  Create music together  Mattias Zloto  Hall D — FREE ENTRANCE

15:30  Power amplified acoustic guitar - a necessary evil?! 
Uppsala Musikverkstad  Hall K4 — FREE ENTRANCE

SUNDAY October 15
10:00  Warm-up & technique  Robert Svärd and Afra Rubino  Hall C

10:00  Pedagogiskt forum  Mattias Zloto  Hall K4

10:30  Masterclass and talk  Leo Brouwer  Hall B

10:30  Workshop Flamenco  Robert Svärd and Afra Rubino  Hall C

11:00  Guitar Fair opens FREE ENTRANCE

12:00  Talk
 Leo Brouwer  Hall C

12:00  The guitar of the future comes from Uppsala and it's name is Strandberg Uppsala Musikverkstad Sal K4 — FREE ENTRANCE

13:00  Concert  Yan Kok & Hedvika Švendová  Hall B  Buy concert ticket

16:00  Concert  Noelia Moncada Trio  Big Hall  Buy concert ticket

19:00  Concert  Robert Svärd with guests  Big Hall  Buy concert ticket
Get inspiration and knowledge at workshops and master classes
Thursday October 10 at 13:00
Pedagogy - Teaching Beginners in Group Hall C
A method of teaching beginners in a group tested at Huddinge Kulturskola. The teachers Lars Karlsson & Suzanne Persson.

Thursday October 10 at 15:00
Pedagogy - Guitar Master, easy to learn Hall C
The guitar master is a brand new guitar school by the well-known guitarist and the pedagogue Mårten Falk. Guitar Master 1 is the instrument school that helps the student learn the basics of acoustic guitar play. The focus is on basic technique, chord games, reading and rythm.

Friday October 13 at 16:00
Tango guitar Hall C
After last year's success, Matias Zloto returns this time with his colleague Leonardo Andersen. Review of Zloto's appreciated educational material about tango.

Saturday October 14
at 11:00 and 14:00
Children and youth workshop —Create music together Hall D
Matias Zloto will be attending several schools during the festival week and during Saturday he will hold two workshops in the UKK, where you can create music together and with different instruments. 

Saturday October 14 at 12.30
Gibson Geek Show  Hall K4
A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Gibson's history and its various guitar models. Chris Andersen will talk.

Saturday October 14 at 15.30
Power Amplified - Tips and Tricks  Hall K4
Reinforcing an acoustic guitar can be clumsy. The musician Anders Kahn, gives his tips and explains how he reinforces guitar and song in different situations. Presented by Uppsala Musikverkstad.

Sunday October 15 at 10:00
Pedagogy - Spontaneous Education with Children  Hall K4
A method of making music fast with easy means. Matias Zloto is a recognized guitarist and teacher from Buenos Aires. He works with children in vulnerable areas.

Sunday 15 October at 12:00
The guitar of the future comes from Uppsala and it's name is Strandberg  Hall K4
Musicians worldwide shout after his ergonomic guitars. Ola Strandberg talks about the idea behind his instruments and how Strandberg has grown to an international guitar brand in a few years. Presented by Ola Strandberg and Uppsala Musikverkstad.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet — Activities

They are not only leading guitarists but also recognized educators.

Thursday October 12 at 11:00
  Hall B
William Kanengiser gives a lecture where he goes through ergonomic advice for guitarists.

Thursday October 12 at 14:00
Ensemble coaching  Hall B
John Dearman

Friday October 13 at 14:00
Jazz Elements for Classical Guitarists  Hall B
Matt Greif

Friday October 13 at 15:00
Pumping Nylon - The Classical Guitarist's Technique  Hall B
Scott Tennant

Saturday October 14 at 14:00
Master class  Hall K4
Scott Tennant

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