Grand tango with Noelia Moncada Trio
Leonardo Andersen, guitar — Juan Pablo Navarro, bas

Tangon has a strong ability to touch. Because it is about passion and ecstasy, consuming melancholy and pain, but also light and joy. Noelia Moncada has a wonderful ability to convey this to her audience, who is big and enthusiastic all over the world.

Noelia Moncada started her career at home in the Argentine city of Rosario, located in the province of Santa Fe, where the river Paraná reaches the great Rio de la Plata Delta. With the imaginative surroundings and the genuine Argentine tradition as inspiration, Noelia Moncada lets her voice with the tango's full color range.

She has won a number of prestigious awards and participated in many well-known performances in both Argentina and internationally. She also participates in many well-known albums and has also released two solo albums, A Tiempo, and most recently Marioneta. Noelia Moncada is educated at Escuela Provincial de Música de Rosario where she studied piano, music theory and composition.

The musicians
With her, at this concert, she has two of the tango world's premier musicians. The young guitarist Leonardo Andersen, born and raised in Buenos Aires, has been noted for his collaborations with many distinguished tango artists. For several years, he has also his own band Mushotoku and is also a member of Franco Luciani Trio and Don Olimpio Group, led by charismatic pianist Andrés Pilar.
Bassist Juan Pablo Navarro has been praised for his album Contratangos, where his bassplay is accompanied by bandoneon, piano and guitar. He is Professor of Bass at Luis Gianneo de Mar Del Plata and has collaborated with many international star artists, such as Susana Rinaldi, Leopoldo Federico, Horacio Salgán, Ubaldo De Lio, Nestor Marconi, Walter Rios, Julio Pane, Guillermo Fernandez, Hermanos Nuñez and many others.

Music genre   Argentinean tango
Sunday Oct 15 at 4 pm
Price from 255 SEK
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