A tribute to Brazilian music.

Marco Pereira belongs to the top class of Brazil's classic guitarists and composers. Swedish-Moroccan singer Miriam Aida loads his music with Rio de Janeiro, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, influences from reggae, jazz, pop and a dose of Swedish melancholy. Meet the two at Uppsala International Guitar Festival.

He is not anyone, Marco Pereira. After taking home a series of prestigious prizes at international guitar competitions such as the Segovia competition at Palma de Mallorca and Francisco Tárrega-Valencia, he has positioned himself as one of the most outstanding Brazilian guitar profiles. He has released a wide range of well-known albums: Dança dos Quatro Ventos, Brazil Musical, Valsas Brasileiras, Camerístico, Cristal and last in the line a CD of music by Brazilian composer Dilermando Reis.

For a while, Pereira lived in Paris where he often visited different clubs and was influenced by jazz and Latin American music. He also studied at the Sorbonne and took a masters in music studies with a study of Villa-Lobo's guitar music. Many of his compositions are also given by the French publisher Éditions Lemoine in Paris. In addition to the many international solo performances, Marco Pereira is currently also a professor in composition at Federal University in Rio de Janeiro.

Miriam Aida has a special passion for Brazilian music and her album Meu Brasil and Letras ao Brasil became both major international successes. Miriam Aida has also toured in many parts of the world: Sweden and Scandinavia, Japan, England, Brazil, France, Spain, USA, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Germany, both soloist and with the Malmö band A Bossa Elétrica and the Italian DJ and producer Nicola Conte.

On stage at Uppsala Concert & Congress, Miriam Aida has the phenomenal guitarist Mats Andersson. Twenty years ago he discovered through the legend Baden Powell Brazilian music. Since then, he has penetrated deeper into this fascinating music world, and with its specially-built, sophisticated guitar, the Rionat's heat brings life to our imagination.

At the first part of the concert, Marco Pereira performs solo and guest plays after break together with Miriam Aida, Mats Andersson on a 7 string acoustic guitar, Ola Bothzén and Finn Björnulfson on percussion.

Marco and Mats also provide a workshop in Brazilian guitar music during the festival.

Music genre   Brazilian
Friday October 13 at 9 pm
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Friday October 13

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