- I love to give concerts. My goal is to show my love to the music and to her high-quality guitar together with the audience, says Igor Presnyakov, who will come to Sweden for the first time.

Russian fingerstyle guitarist Igor Presnyakov is a phenomenon. He published his first Youtube clip 2007. Today, his channel has a million followers and his clips have over 320 million views.

In the early 1990s he moved to the Netherlands and developed his very special fingerpicking game. Because with just his guitar Igor Presnyakov creates an entire orchestra! The resonance box becomes the percussion, and through its arrangements and its virtuoso technique, both bass, middle and melodies appear, giving many of the most famous songs of popular music a unique character.

His latest album, IGGYFIED, contains songs like I'm Yours, No Woman No Cry, Africa and Nothing Else Matters released in 2013. After that, Igor Presnyakov has been touring the world around for the first time now to the Uppsala International Guitar Festival.

In the late 1970s, Presnyakov was the front figure in various hard rock bands at home in Moscow.

Igor holds both a concert and a workshop during the festival.

Guest artist: Frano.

Music genre   Fingerstyle
Friday October 13 at 6 pm
Prices from 250 SEK
(Booking fee adds on)

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