Band members: Frank Gambale — guitar, Boca — vocal, Alex Evans — bass, Mike Shapiro — drums, Marco Luciani — keyboard, Nick Kellie — rhythm guitar och vocal.

When supergitarist Frank Gambale stepped on to the stage in the mid 1980s, it was a shock wave through the fusionjazz world. No one had heard anything like that before. With his phenomenal virtuosity and unique game technique, he inspired and influenced not only other guitarists but also many of the world's most outstanding jazz profiles.

 — Everything he touches with his guitar turns into gold! Chick Corea exclaimed and took him to his band. — I would like to spend a whole month and just study guitar play with Frank, says Pat Metheny.

The first studio album Brave New Guitar came in 1985. The following year he toured with legendary violin virtuoso Jean-Luc Ponty and became one of the members of the Chick Corea Elektric Band. Together they made a series of studio albums, of which one grammy awarded and another two were nominated. In addition, they produced a live DVD from the Montreux jazz festival.
And it's on stage Frank Gambale is the best. His frequent, energy-laden concerts are featured and stand in a class by themselves. It's not just because of the unique sweep picking technology that he himself created and then imitated by a host of other guitarists. He is a unique music personality who, with his music, reaches beyond all the usual descriptions of a brilliant guitarist.

As a model and inspirator, Frank Gambale lacks a counterpart. He is himself educated at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, where he himself also taught. In addition to twelve own studio albums, three live albums, collaboration with Chick Corea and many others, he has also produced five videos and four instructional guides in which he communicates experience and knowledge of his outstanding technology.

He is now for the first time at Uppsala International Guitar Festival. Do not miss the opportunity to experience one of today's great musicians!

Music genre   Fusion Jazz
Thursday Oct 12 okt at 9 pm
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Thursday Oct 12 at 5 pm

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Frank Gambale

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